• Temperature controlled
• Isolated storage
• Flammable storage
• Office space
• 24-hour Central Station monitored
• Sprinklers
• 24-hour operation
• Pick and Pack

With over 100 thousand square feet of warehousing and
25 years experience, Diamond can meet all your merchandising
needs. We are a public warehouse that specializes in warehousing,
distribution and pick and pack of your company's merchandise.
Each company is different and we here at Diamond Warehouse
can cater to your specific warehousing and distribution requirements.

Diamond Warehouse coordinates with our own trucking company
with a fleet of over 100 trucks, which provides quick and accurate
merchandise distribution. Diamond Warehouse works on a 24-hour
schedule, with temperature controlled and isolated storage available
along with approved fire and 24 hour security systems.

With computer inventory control, as well as E.D.I. capabilities, our well
trained staff will meet all your warehousing needs in a quick and
accurate manner. Diamond's personal and hands on approach are
what enables us to handle both large and small companies needs
with the same personal attention.